How to Deal

How to Deal

So … I did it. I got myself a domain for the blog and hosting. I had been thinking about it for quite a while and I kept battling with myself on whether to do it or not. Finally, I just decided to just go for it and see how much I keep up in a year. To be honest, if the deal price of the domain and hosting wasn’t so cheap, I probably wouldn’t have done it. So I’m pretty happy. It’s nice to have Unscripted Design stand on it’s own in some way. It’s like having a child LOL.

So many things are going right now in the background. It exhausts me mentally and physically. Let’s just say that stress is relentless. Once you sigh a breath of relief after one thing off your list, three more pop up on that list and now you can’t breathe. At least for me, it feels that way. Basically, it sucks “adulting” as my co-worker likes to say.

How do I manage? How do I get through a day despite all the mental jackhammering? I don’t really know. I just get through it somehow.

I read.
I draw.
I watch A LOT of movies (honestly … Thank goodness for Netflix)
Sometimes all it takes is one good ugly sob cry.
A cup of coffee and curling up in my favourite blanket.
Some mars bars and hershey’s cookies and cream chocolate bars.
A nice bear hug from my husband as he tries to make me laugh. He’ll make me watch him play video games sometimes just because he likes the attention from me. And because he’s always doing hilarious stuff and he likes me to witness them. HAHA.
The best thing … A nice long cuddle with my baby boy as he gives me kisses on the cheek and keeps his arm around me. That usually works too.

I guess I just try to keep myself busy. By no means does this solve anything that’s going on but it’s at least a way to numb myself down a bit temporarily. A reset. Recharge before you start another day and hope things gets better tomorrow. Because there is always tomorrow. Life is shit sometimes but as long as you have something to keep your focus and drive, that’s all that matters. I have my family to live for everyday. That’s what keeps me going.

On a side note, I should start exercising again. That would be a great way to keep myself busy and to relieve stress. Hmm … something to think about.

How do you guys relieve stress?

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