Book Review List

I love to read and I always have.  I have started reading at an early age but for quite a while I had stopped and did not read as much as I would’ve liked to.  However, during 2017, my passion for reading spiked up again and I try to read every chance I get.

I read for me. So I read books I am genuinely interested in reading and not reading for the sake of just increasing my book count.  I am not a professional reviewer or anything and I don’t do ARCs.  I read for pure in enjoyment and to get lost in a story.

So as a tribute to my love of reading, I wanted a portion of this site to be dedicated to it.  When I get the chance, I want to be able to review some books I’ve read for the sole purpose that hopefully it can help other reading lovers out there decide on what book they can read next!

Among The Thorns. Veronica Schanoes (reviewed December 7, 2017)

Year One (Chronicles of the One #1). Nora Roberts (reviewed January 19, 2018)