Easy Pom Pom Slouchy Hat (bottom up)

So I’ve made a scarf, now I should make a hat too! I’ve always wanted to make a hat with a cute pom pom on it so I was really determined to get this whole thing right.

Let me just say that it took a few tries to get this had right. The whole time I tried, I tried to make the hat from the top. I let’s found it difficult and quite challenging. Then I did some research and tried to see what would happen if I made a hat from the bottom down and WOW!! IT IS SO MUCH BETTER!

I feel like with this method, there is a better chance of it shaping up like how you want it to. You start to see the shape and fit right away as you do a bunch of rows and it’s easier for you to gauge how slouchy or less you want to it to be and how long you want your hat to be too. With the top down method, just seeing a round flat circle with no hint of a looking like a hat yet, kind of discourages me from going further because I’m anticipating too much of when it’s finally going to look like a hat. Also, it always for some reason coming out so much bigger than what I wanted it to be.

Anyways, I’m happy with the way this hat turned out and I’m happy to say that I’m going to do my hats from the bottom up from now on.


5.0 mm crochet hook
Loops and Threads Impeccable Yarn, in tropical storm
Scissors and sewing needle


– This hat is worked from the bottom up.
– the main sequence of the rows is 3 rows of DCs, then 2 rows of SCs.
– I have the brim of the hat fitting around my head at 60 stitches. You can increase/decrease this depending on what fits your head but of course, you would have to adjust the decreases on your own since it will be different from mine.
-If you want a wider brim,just add more chains.
– it took 17 rows to get to the length of my hat. You are welcome to add more rows to make the hat longer. To make it more slouchier, I would add more rows after ROW 7 before the decreases start.



Chain 8

ROW 1: SC into second chain away from hook and SC across. CH 1 and turn. (7 STS)
ROW 2-60: In Back Loops only for now and til the end of the whole brim, SC in next ch and SC in next 6 STS. ch 1 and turn.
At end of row 60, bring together both ends of brim, and slip stitch across to finish off the brim.
Do not cut off yarn.


ROW 1: SC 60 stitches around and slip stitch to finish off round (60 sts)
ROW 2 -4 : Ch 2 (counts as first DC), DC in next ST and rest of the round. (60)
ROW 5 & 6: Ch 1 and sc each round. (60)
ROW 7-9: Repeat ROWS 2-4 (60) [Here you can choose to add more rows if you want to make the hat more slouchy]
ROW 10: Our first decrease. CH 1, SC in next 3 STs, then 2 SC in next ST. *SC in next 4 STs and 2 SC in next ST*. Repeat ** til the end of the round (50)
ROW 11: CH 1, SC around (50)
ROW 12: CH 2, DC in next 2 STs, DC in next ST. REPEAT *3 DC in next 3 STs, 2 in next ST* (40)
ROW 13: CH 2, DC in next ST, 2 DC in next ST. REPEAT *DC in next 2 STs, 2 DC in next ST* (30)
ROW 14: CH 2, DC around. (30)
ROW 15 & 16: CH 1, SC around (30)


ROW 17: CH 2, DC around. Fasten off and cut off a tail. Using a sewing needle, weave yarn in and out of the loops like a drawstring and pull tight to close up the hole. Flip inside out and continue securing the hole closure by weaving in and out a couple more times. When you feel it’s secure, cut off yarn and weave in any loose ends.

From here, you can choose to add a pom pom if you feel the hat needs one. I actually don’t have a pom pom maker so I just followed this youtube video on how to make a DIY POM POM.

I also watched this video on how to ATTACH THE POM POM TO THE HAT.