Ornamental Flower

I was trying to figure out how to crochet a nice flower for this baby hat I was making my friend.  I tried to browse through a few patterns but I was having trouble finding one that I really liked and one that was just nice and simple and quick to do.  So I sat there with hook and yarn in my hands and tried all kinds of ways to do a nice flower and came up with this one!

I’m sure there are similar ones to this and you are welcome to try them out. Since you’re already here, give this one a try too!


Some Yarn and a crochet hook.


– To make the flower smaller or bigger, you have to SC 4 more or 4 less stitches when crocheting into the ring.
– To further add to the first note, the number of SCs into the ring equals to half the amount of petals.  Example, in the pattern, 12 SCs makes 6 petals.  If you did 8SCs into the ring, that would only make 4 petals.

Ornamental Flower. Smaller stacked on top of bigger one.


CHAIN 4, slip st to first chain.

12 SCs into the ring and slip stitch to the beginning.

*2DC into the next stitch, Slip Stitch into the next stitch and CH 3*, repeat ** all the way around.

You should be ending with a slip stitch on the last stitch.

Fasten off and you are done!

These flowers look great in different sizes stacked on top of one another.  Great look on top of hats.