Hobbies or more?

Hobbies or more?

In light of my best friend having a baby girl in a few months time, I had all the more reason to start crocheting again.  I honestly can’t even remember the last time I crocheted anything but once I heard “baby”, it was like a candid click of a camera and instantly started looking for patterns to make cute little booties, mitten and a hat!

It was like riding a bike, with falls along the way.  I had to keep referring to YouTube videos because I kept second guessing myself on how to do simplest little things.  Eventually, maybe after re-making 4 right booties, I got it right (well … not right … more like felt satisfied HAH).  I’ve finished the hat and now it’s the pain of making the mittens.  They’re so tiny and adorable but wow a pain in my ass right now.  It’s all worth it though of course.  I love my best friend to pieces and this is for her little girl so it’s worth it!

I’ve always like creating things but my problem is that I never really followed through in mastering anything.

I’m like a “Jane of All Trades, Master of None”. 

I could be this crazy Crochet lady where I could make sweaters, baby sets, scarves, hats … and potentially be good enough to sell them on Etsy or something but I just don’t have the patience or the motivation.  I have always wanted my own business of some sort but never know what it could be due to my many hobbies and it’s hard for me to pick one. My sister-in-law actually made a good point (because she’s even better than I am at crocheting and arts and crafts), that when she makes something, it’s for love and for someone in particular.  She doesn’t find the idea of making masses amounts just to sell them a justification of her craft.  She wants to have meaning when she makes something and not to just do it because she wants to sell it.  See … I get that.  I don’t know if that’s a hidden subconscious reasoning behind why I don’t do it but it’s a great point that I never thought about before.

It’s not just crocheting though.  Even with my photography, my graphic skills (I used to make invitations and cards for friends and family like weddings and birthdays), my drawings, cooking and baking … I have so much potential in all these areas but I have just merely kept them as “hobbies” and never moved forward with them.

Time is a factor too I guess.  If you were to pursue something seriously, you would need to really dedicate your time.  Every minute of it.

I don’t have that.

Now thinking about it, I think that’s the major factor in my lack of ambition.  I think this is my epiphany. My time lies with my family, especially my son.  It’s hard for me to sacrifice time towards something else, probably because he’s still so young and I don’t want to miss any important things at this stage in his life where he’s learning how to talk and learning how to be aware and absorb his environment.  It’s one of those things where you have to put your ambitions aside until you know there’s time to spare to dedicate yourself to your craft.

So I think for now, I am obviously not going to stop my hobbies but nor am I pursuing any major ambitions.  I am going to take this time to hone in on my skills and hopefully somewhat perfect them. That way, by the time I can get some time to follow through with my ambitions, I can do it with confidence.

2 thoughts on “Hobbies or more?

  1. I wrote something similar about my hobbies last year. For me, the moment I tried to do something for money, it seemed to take all the fun out of it. There are a couple things that I could do both for myself and for some extra cash (like photography), but for most things, I had no interest in pursuing it further than a hobby. For example, whenever I made a cosplay for a friend, I didn’t have as much fun as doing it for myself. I also used to freelance in webdesign, but I got fed up with several clients I had. It really took the joy out of it!

    Like you mentioned, time is a big factor too, especially if you have more important things in your life. For me, I just don’t have the energy to do more after coming home from a full day of work. It just wasn’t worth it for me.

    I think it’s totally fine to have things in your life that are just hobbies and nothing more! Do what makes you happy!

    1. LOL the some clients can really ruin it for you huh? I can see that being a big factor in taking the joy of things.
      I am lazy too sometimes. Just like you, I get home, and I want to do nothing. I just want to relax and melt away the pressures of the day I just had at work.

      yeah sometimes hobbies are just great as it is!

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