After the Storm ends

After the Storm ends

It’s been a crazy few weeks. Ups and downs. A lot of heartache, anxiety, excitement, and complacent moments. I’ve been feeling very invisible and reclused to say the least.

One of the main reasons for the lack of blogging is we are moving! We sold our home and found a new home closer to the main city. That’s where we came from originally and we are quite excited to be moving back. Our new location is great because we so close to all the shopping centres, groceries, stores, food where we can just walk! I’m excited to take my son out and have our daily walks to the mall do some shopping without having to load him up into the car and drive a distance just to get some fun in. My husband is also very very close to his work (7-10 mins to be specific) in comparison to his 45 min drive he is doing now. Defintely a gas and time saver. With the record-breaking price of gas prices that has come to Vancouver these days, you have no idea how much of a relief this whole short distance driving is.

We get to be closer to our families and our friends. LOL no one has to be secretly (or some have outwardly express their complaints) about how far they have to drive to come and visit us anymore. We are going to be in the centre of everything now and it’s going to be so nice to be back home. Sure it’s busier but nothing beats being back home.

We are downsizing though but you know what? We are okay with it. Thinking about which areas of the current home we spend most time in … it’s exactly the same as if we were in our new place. The benefits of this new place is that this condo is brand new, so no one has ever lived here before. Brand new appliances, and there is air conditioning in every room!!! We don’t have to be confined to just our bedroom anymore when the summer heat comes along. And there’s no more stairs!! No more worrying about my son falling down stairs. No more having to run up and and down the stairs when checking up on my son during his naps.

AMIDST ALL THIS HOWEVER, a tragedy has fallen on our family. My father-in-law passed away late last month and it was just a devastating blow. I don’t want to go into many details about this as it’s hard to talk about but I will say that we miss him and love him very much. Actually my husband thinks that this whole opportunity in selling our house and moving closer to the city was a part of his dad’s divine plan as he always wished we lived closer to him and his mom. He always wished that if he were to go, that his son would help watch over his mom too. So I don’t know. Maybe it was through his spirit and love that he helped us sell our house and be in another beautiful home with better opportunities and a fresh start. We just wished that he was there when we moved so that we are close to him. But I guess he’s always close by. He’s watching over us. I’m sure he’s happy that we are moving back regardless.

So … like I said. Ups and downs. We are moving a few weeks so I’m still busy packing everything. I pack and my husband brings them over to the condo. I’m not fond of the packing process as it’s hard sometimes to part with certain things. One advice I have though for people who are moving and packing: SERIOUSLY THROW AWAY CRAP YOU DO NOT NEED!! I learned this lesson when we moved to this current place. We had sooooooooo much shit and it was just a nightmare trying to pack all of it. We ended up throwing up a lot of stuff and donating even more. We had some opportunities to sell some good items as well. I am thankful for ALL of this because now that we are moving again, I learned to not accumulate any more crap and now it’s such AN EASIER time to pack. We have wayyyyyy less boxes and the fact we are downsizing is not too much of a problem. We did have to sell some furniture though but it’s okay because the proceeds is helping with the costs of moving like the professional cleaning, movers and to buyer newer furniture to fit the new look of our new place. I guess you learn things the more times you move HAHA.

But this is a new start for us. We have had a rough year last year and with the passing, we just need a new light. We want a new beginning for us as a family. I hope that this the start of something great since usually when there is a rough storm, there is always a rainbow and a calm breeze waiting at the end of it. This is will be our rainbow.

Here is to 2018.

Holidays and Traditions

Holidays and Traditions

I meant to blog earlier but I had to fight a cold for a good long while.  It was not very pleasant.  I had taken two days off from work to run errands and go to appointments, only to get sick on the second day.  Luckily it was before a weekend so I had some time to rest but it really was not enough.  I still managed to drag my ass to work the following week but that’s not without feeling like crap the whole time.  I managed through it somehow.  My son got sick too, poor kid.  Thank goodness we are all better now.  It would suck to continue being sick with the holidays so close by.

We are almost done our Christmas shopping.  Thank goodness.  The malls are crazy, not to mention part of your day going to these places are spent looking for parking.  Going early enough in the day helps to beat the rush.  Christmas shopping can be daunting but on the positive side of things, it’s a family day for us.  It’s nice to be able to go out, the three of us, and enjoy whatever it is we are doing.  Even it means rubbing shoulders with other disgruntled shoppers.  I think we only have four people left on our list.  My in-laws, my brother-in-law and my mother.  I know we have ideas for my father-in-law and my brother-in-law but my mother-in-law and my mom are difficult to shop for sometimes.  We never know what they want. I think my husband said that they will be “amazon” gifts this year.  That’s the great benefit of being able to shop online.  You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home.  With all the running around we’ve already done, I think it’s nice to be able to just shop online for the rest.  Read more