Moss Stitch Cup Cozie

Moss Stitch Cup Cozie

I have really been obsessed with crocheting lately.  Officially caught the crochet bug.  I’ve been learning lots and watching tons of youtube videos and trying to put together different things in hopes that I create some new original pattern but nothing yet.

So I still had some yarn left after though after making my scarf on my last post and I decided to just finish it off since there isn’t enough for another bigger project. So I decided to make a little cup cozie! I’ve done a moss stitch before but with only one color so I decided to give it a try with two colors and boy did it turn out better than I thought it would. This green/blue/brown ombre yarn is just a gorgeous pairing with the navy blue when it comes to this particular stitch so I’m really happy with the way this cup cozie came out. If I get a similar ombre yarn in the future, I am going to have to use this pattern with a bigger project next time.

Moss Stitch Cup Cozie


100% Acrylic
Main Color – Impeccable Yarn, Loops and Threads in Navy
Striped Color – Impeccable Yarn, Loops and Threads, in Tropical Storm (Blue Brown Ombre)
5.5 mm Crochet Hook


9 sts per 2inches x 6 st per 2inches
When folded in half, it measures about 4.5 inches


1) This whole pattern is crocheted in Moss/Granite Stitch

Laying it Flat.

2) I alternate between two colors, carrying each color yarn across.
3) We are crocheting in the horizantal so this will determine how tall the cozie is going to be. You can choose how tall to make your cup cozie by adding more or less stitches. As long as the number of stitches are an even number. In terms of how long to crochet for, keep measuring on a cup you have to see how it’s fitting. This will determine how many rows you need to crochet. Mine fit nicely with 26 rows and it isn’t too tight. If you like it snug or looser on your cup, then up to you on how many rows you want.


ROW 1 (COLOUR A)- SC in the 4th chain from the hook (this will mean that the first 2 chains are considered your first SC stitch and the 3rd is you skipping a chain). CH 1. repeat *SK 1 CH, SC in next CH, CH 1*. You should be ending with a SC on the last CH. Chain 2, turn.
ROW 2 – (COLOR B) *Skip 1 ST, SC in chain space, CH 1* repeat this sequence across. Every row from now on should end in a SC on last stitch.
ROW 3 – 26 – Repeat ROW 2, alternating colors.

(You will start to see that the colors line up really nicely like in the picture above.  If it’s not, then you are missing a step somewhere like skipping the wrong stitches.)

TO FINISH – Fasten off on last stitch with slip stitch and leave a tail to whip stitch across. Weave in any lingering ends.

Blues & Marbled Crochet Infinity Scarf

Blues & Marbled Crochet Infinity Scarf

So I finally finished my first scarf crochet project of the year.  It only took about 5 or 6 times to finally decide how I wanted to do it.  I tried to get all fancy at first but I was getting frustrated when my pattern wasn’t working the way I wanted it to.  So I finally just decided to keep it simple and this is what I came up with!

I’m pretty happy with it! It’s not absolutely perfect but I’m still quite happy considering the last time I made a scarf was about 8 years ago and it was nowhere near this kind of quality.  When I made my first scarf, it was messy, sloppy and uneven.  When I decided to get back into the crochet game, I did my research, watched a lot of videos and actually put effort into making it look a lot better so voila.

Check out my Ravelry account: WickedfulKnots for other patterns you would like to check out!

If you want to keep a copy of my pattern for easier viewing, you can also directly download the PDF pattern I made for this as well!  Otherwise, you can follow my pattern below!

Blues and Marbled Infinity Scarf

100% Acrylic
Main Color – Impeccable Yarn, Loops and Threads in Navy
Striped Color – Impeccable Yarn, Loops and Threads, in Tropical Storm (Blue Brown Ombre)
5.5 mm Crochet Hook

Not really too important as scarves are objective. At the end of it all, the scarf measured 52 inches flat.  It fit snug when wrapped around twice.  To make it longer, just add more rows. To make it skinnier, decrease amount of stitches.


  • I chose to stripe it this way but of course, you are welcome to stripe it however you want. For the purpose of this particular stripe design, it’s a set of 12 rows. If you are following the design as is, you would increase/decrease the length of the scarf by a set of 12.
  • I used 100% acrylic yarn which I know isn’t the softest but you can soften it by googling ways on how to do it to get the softness and drape you want.
  • Each row is 28 DCs+2. Meaning, 28 DCs with a chain 2 (this ch2 is not considered a double crochet stitch throughout the whole pattern).
  • With the color change, I did the carry yarn method throughout each row. You are welcome to cut off after each row if you don’t mind weaving in all your ends after.


CH 30
ROW 1: DC in 2nd hook from chain and DC throughout the rest of the row, CH 2 and turn. (28 sts – for every row from now on).
ROW 2: DC in first st and continue DC throughout (CH 2 doesn’t count as stitch). CH 2 and turn.
ROW 3-5: Repeat Row 2 (5 ROWS OF COLOR A)



Repeat this COLOR sequence until you have reached the length you want (ROWS 1 – 12) For mine in the picture above, I did 6 sets of 12 (72 rows).  If you want it longer, do another increment of 12 rows, likewise if you want to decrease.  Each set should end in only 1 row of COLOR B.

FINISH: Finish off last stitch and fold scarf in half, matching ends together.  Continue to slip stitch each stitch across and cut off yarn.  Weave in all the necessary yarns stragglers and you are done!