Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

Baby Booties and Hat

So, since my last post touched on my hobbies, I decided on act upon it and start a couple of crochet projects.  As I mentioned last, I was making some cute baby stuff for my dear friend. Oooh! They are so freaking adorable!  I forgot how cute tiny little clothing is since my son is almost two now and he obviously doesn’t wear tiny little infant clothing anymore.  His clothes are still fairly small but no where as small as these little things I crocheted!  I have yet to make the little scratch mittens though.  Those are a bit more challenging for me (you wouldn’t think so since they’re small and require less rows) because I have to use a smaller needle and the little holes can be difficult and harder for me to keep track of how stitches I’ve already done but still, it’s a good learning process for me as it’s been a while since I’ve made little mini things.  I just hope that her little girl fits into them when she’s born.  And yes … I know they are not really a “girl” color but I plan on girly-ing it up a little by adding cute little bows where I see fit.  Plus my friend said that she doesn’t want things that are too girly anyway.  She’s always been that kind of person.  Plus, there’s always the chance that the prediction of the sex of the baby can be wrong.  It’s not impossible.  There are many many cases where parents are told the sex of the baby and it ends up being a surprise on birth day that it’s the opposite LOL.

I am also starting another crochet project which is very relatively EASY.  It’s just a simple scarf that I’m making.  I’m still contemplating to make it a full infinity scarf or if I should keep it as a open-ended scarf and just add buttons to close it up so it’s snug around the neck for the added warmth.  I guess I’ll decide once I finish it.

I am just planning on starting off on simple items (like this scarf) and work my way up to harder projects.

My scarf project

And by harder, I mean just more intricate stitches and designs as I have always done very basic stuff.  I want to eventually create my own patterns and designs that are more than just a simple scarf.  It would be nice to look back and say, “Wow … I made that?!”.   Whatever I make will be just for friends and family really until I feel like they are good quality enough to sell in the future.  The nice thing with Etsy is that you can post whatever you like and you’re not pressured to make mass amounts.  I would just rather make sell things that I have already made, whether it be only one thing or two, and to test the waters to see if they even sell.

Another possible project I was thinking of, in terms of this whole selling thing, is to maybe touch upon my love of drawing and graphics.  I was actually browsing through Etsy and found that some people sell digital designs for like invitations and even coloring book pages that they drew up themselves!  Also the benefit of these is that you don’t have to ship anything!  It’s purely just a digital file that the buyer will download on their end.  To me that’s pretty cool.  Easy, not so much pressure and you get to share your work with people.  I am always doodling and doing lineart type of drawings so this is a big consideration for me in the Etsy world.

Sigh.  So many things to consider.  For now, I will just focus on one thing at a time.  That’s one of my internal goals this year actually.  To just focus on one thing at a time and not get overwhelmed by so many different things going on in my head.  I want this year to be organized since the last year was just pure chaos.  I want to actually make lists of things I want to accomplish and I want to abide by that list.  Those items may not be accomplished in this particular year but it would just be nice to acknowledge these dreams of mine.  I guess it’s like a bucket list except these goals are actually more realistically attainable, if you will.

I’m tired of saying, “I’ve always wanted to do this” and never pursuing it.  Sometimes, yes, it’s a leap of faith and you just go ahead and do it.  But there’s a fine line sometimes between being impulsive and rash and taking that next step to pursuing something.  I don’t want to rush into things and have it crash and burn.  I want to do things right and actually have some dignity in pursing something that means something to me.  I’ve always done things so rash and never got anywhere with it.  This time around, I will plan and consider the right time to do things and even if it takes a while, at least I know I am following through the way I want it to and get it right.

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  1. “But there’s a fine line sometimes between being impulsive and rash and taking that next step to pursuing something” Amen to that! Good luck with all your goals. I’ve only ever tried to crochet once in my life and it did not go well. Now that I’m older I think I should try things like that again to see if I can find other hobbies to do.

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